Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well, that wasn't supposed to happen...

Every cook in every kitchen once in a while has a dish that doesn't turn out.

In my case, this one didn't turn out...
..out of the pan, that is.

I can't blame the recipe. Living at high altitude, a lot of baking recipes fail. And even if they don't fail completely - like the a cake recipe that boiled over the sides of the pan - sometimes they fail to become what the recipe writer intended.

And when it comes to recipes publicly posted on the Internet, there's always a chance that the recipe may not be exactly what you envision. In this case, the recipe was Banana Pound Cake. To me, pound cake is a certain density and texture. This was much lighter. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing; just different.

If I was making this for company, I'd salvage it with some judicious trimming followed by some sort of frosting. No one would ever know the difference. Or I might have tried taking the stuck chunks out of the pan and piecing it back together, and then glazing or frosting to cover the cracks and gaps.

As it is now, I think I'll just slice it up and eat it as-is. It's not bad cake, just broken.

And of course, sea level bakers will probably have a completely different experience with this recipe.


Shea M. said...

You could always make cake pops :) Bakerella (the queen of cake pops) just posted some that look like sweet (ok... pun totally intended) little ice cream cones. Great "Plan B" for cake that turns out... differently than expected.

kayenne said...

cube them up to make trifles. or slice, air-dry and make a banana version of "tiramisu".

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