Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tomato Salad (again)

When I was a kid, I'd eat tomatoes plain, like the fruit that is is. Sometimes I'd add a little salt. My dad would usually grow tomatoes, be we went through so many, we'd buy them in large boxes from a market. None of them got canned, we just ate them.

When my dad's tomatoes were ready for picking, there would be arguments about when they were ready. My dad wanted them completely ripe, and my mother liked them when they were still a little bit green, because she liked the tartness. And then she'd want some green ones to fry, but my dad would refuse to pick them green until the very end of the season.

Me, I liked them any way I could get them. I still eat them fully ripe, part ripe, and I fry the green ones.

I missed the farmer's market over the weekend, so I stopped at a farmstand for my tomatoes. Compared to the photos from the other day, these look pink. For one thing, the last tomatoes were a very dark heirloom variety, so they were a deep, deep red inside. And second, these were just a little bit short of being fully ripe.

But that's fine. I'm an equal-opportunity tomato eater.

The salad was simple: tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, Real Salt (It's a brand name. It's pink and has flecks of darker colors. Allegedly has more minerals or something.), basil-infused olive oil, pepper, and a teeny sprinkling of brown sugar. Nothing was mixed, it was just sprinkled on.

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Anonymous said...

I will try anything with tomatoes and cucumber's
I make this even more simple.Tomatoes cucumbers salt and pepper.Sometines I will put a bit of olive oil.But very good with just with salt and pepper,you then taste the tomatoes and cucumbers

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