Friday, November 23, 2012

Flash Recipe: Turkey Tacos, Part 2

Not that long ago, I posted about the turkey tacos I'd made using turkey legs that I braised specifically to make the tacos. Shortly after that, I decided I wanted to roast a turkey breast in a more traditional way. Instead of the usual mashed potatoes, I roasted potatoes along with the turkey.

I guess that made up for the lack of stuffing.

After I had a few sandwiches, I was ready to get a little more creative.

This isn't much of a recipe - it's all about what you like, so the amount are up to you. Use more or less salsa, and whatever proportions of meat and potato you like. If you've got other left over vegetables that would make sense in a taco, add them.

The great thing about this meal was that it was incredibly fast to throw together, since I was working with leftovers. I just cubed the turkey and potatoes, tossed them with a salsa I had on hand, and quickly heated them.

I served this on tortillas, topped with my favorite lime-pickled red onions.