Saturday, August 31, 2013

Possibly the shortest recipe ever: Mint Fizzy Water

Action shot: Carbonation!
Well, at least the shortest on Cookistry...

To make up for yesterday's explosion of blog-bloat wordiness, I'm keeping this post SHORT.

But can I tell you a story, first?

I was heading to the grocery store and about halfway there I was thinking, "Wow, am I thirsty! I should have chugged some water before I left home!"

I only had one store to go to, and it wasn't a long list. I knew I wouldn't expire if I waited to get something to drink.

Whatever happened to water fountains, anyway? Seems like when I was a kid, they were everywhere. There might have been one at the grocery store I shopped at, but I didn't want to hunt it down. I was on a mission. Get through the list and get home.

And when I got home, there was a package from Not So Simple Syrup. Hmmmm. The name sounded familiar. Vaguely.

I opened it, and there were two bottles. One of strawberry simple syrup, and one mint simple syrup. Well, then. I was still thirsty. And mint sounded awfully refreshing.

So, this happened:

Mint Fizzy Water

Two tablespoons mint simple syrup
Cold water to fill PureFizz Soda Maker to proper level

Add ingredients to soda maker. Charge with CO2. Shake it like you're a crazy mixologist. Release pressure. Pour. Chug-glug. Glug-glug-glug.


There ya go. Super-quick soda.

I haven't tried the strawberry yet, but the mint had a fresh-mint flavor, but without the green-chlorophyll flavor you can get from crushing fresh peppermint leaves. Nice. I'm betting the strawberry will be just as fresh. It won't be long before I find that out.

I'm thinking the strawberry might make it into a cocktail this evening. Meanwhile, I need to hunt down these Not-So-Simple people and say "thanks." 'Cause I was really thirsty. I might have expired.

Disclaimer: Not So Simple Syrup sent me stuff. Probably because I'm so awesome. I was not required to write a post.