Thursday, July 28, 2011

Faux lemon curd (and a bonus recipe!)

Lemon Curd Ice Cream
White this probably isn't appropriate for every possible lemon curd application, it makes a fine substitute when you're in a hurry. Or feeling a little less ambitious. I mean, it's two ingredients, and little work, and not much time. It doesn't have the translucent look of standard lemon curd and the texture is a little different, but it tastes pretty darned good.

And if someone won't eat eggs, this version is egg-free.

And did I mention that it takes no time at all to make? If you suddenly had to come up with dessert for unexpected company, you could whip this up and dollop it on top of some pound cake and top it with berries, and you'd be a genius. Or, if you happen to keep little tart shells on hand, you could have mini lemon tarts in no time. Put some on your yogurt.

I mean, really, use it for just about anything you'd use lemon curd for.

Faux Lemon Curd

1 can (14.5 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice

Whisk the lemon juice into the condensed milk. Use immediately, or chill until needed.

Light Lemon Ice Cream

1 recipe Faux Lemon Curd
Plus enough milk to make 1 quart (about 3 cups)
1 cup creme fraiche

Combine the faux lemon curd, milk, and creme fraiche. Whisk to combine well. Churn in your ice cream maker according to manufacturer's directions.

Note: If you can find creme fraiche or it seems too expensive, you can make your own.


Anonymous said...

This lemon curd you speak of.Wouldn't it need some kinda sweetner?Just curious :)

Donna Currie said...

Ah, bugger. It was supposed to be sweetened condensed milk. Thanks for the catch - I fixed it now. With the condensed milk, there's enough sweetness to counteract the lemon nicely.

HanaĆ¢ said...

What a great idea. This sounds so easy! I've made a cooked faux lemon curd before using lemon juice, sugar, and corn starch, which worked well, but this recipe is much faster :o) Thanks for sharing! I guess you could just as easily make orange or lime curd following the same steps.

dena said...

Your faux lemon curd is quite awesome and easy, but it more resembles a thick faux custard sauce. In any event, I bet it would be delicious over fresh blueberries and/or strawberries.
Thanks for the great idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this tastes fine, but considering how ridiculously easy lemon curd is to make, why bother with a faux one (though the easy ice cream recipe is a good idea)?

Donna Currie said...

It's just an option. Some people can't eat eggs. Some don't want to deal with cooking a custard-like product. And if you need something that's ready immediately, this might be the alternative to buying lemon curd in a jar.

Unknown said...

My son is allergic to eggs, so I was extremely excited to find this recipe. Thanks so much!!

Unknown said...

My son is allergic to eggs, so I was extremely excited to find this recipe. Thanks so much!!

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