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Are you selling a food product? Unique ingredient? Interesting gadget? Would you like some original recipes that include your product?

I love experimenting with new ingredients and fiddling with new gadgets. I'm creating new recipes every day. I'd like to work with you to help you promote your products.

Let's talk. You can email me at or find me on Facebook or Twitter - there are links on the sidebar.

Not ready for an ongoing business relationship? I'm also interested in reviewing new products and tools. No promises that I will love your product, but I'll give it an honest review. And if I really like it, there's a chance that I'll continue to use it and post about it.

Take a look at my blog. Check out my recipes. Contact me.

It's just that easy.

Besides this blog, I write for several online and print publications, including:

Serious Eats
The Daily Camera
The Longmont Ledger
The Longmont Weekly
The Left Hand Valley Courier

Also, you can see my photos at:

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