Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The first time I ever heard of Romanesco, it was on an episode of Numb3rs, a few years ago. I went online to look it up, and I was in love. It's such a pretty vegetable.

The local supermarket sells a green cauliflower that looks like it wants to be Romanesco, but it's not quite as pointy.

But today, I found it at the farmers market. Just a few small pieces.

I bought them all, then came home and started taking photos because I thought it was sooooo pretty. Every angle was different, and I thought that closeups would be pretty darned cool.

And, well, I have a new camera, so I wanted to play with all of the settings and see what sort of photos I'd end up with. So here are just some of the photos...

Some of them had a bit of purple on them, which I thought was really striking

The spiral patterns are interesting.

Here's a whole forest of Romanesco.

Sort of alien-looking, isn't it?

Another alien landscape.

And if aliens had Christmas trees, this is what they'd look like.

As far as cooking, I figured that simple would be better. Steamed with a little salt and butter, and that was it.