Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ancho-Rubbed Flap Steak: One-Pot Wonders

I let my husband browse through Emeril's cookbook, Sizzling Skillets and Other One-Pot Wonders, to help me pick out some recipes to make for the one-pot blogger party.

This is one of the recipes he chose.

We've been eating a lot of Emeril recipes. Most of them make a lot, and even when I've been cutting them in half - or less- it's enough food for a couple days - or the freezer.

Fortunately, the recipes aren't all on one theme. Okay, the one-pot theme is there, but they're different pots, different cooking methods, and most important, they're different cuisines. So even though we've eaten a number of recipes from this book, they've all been very, very different.

The Ancho-Rubbed Flap Steak with a warm Black Bean and Relish  that I made most recently was packed with southwestern flavor. Before it's browned, the meat is rubbed with a mixture of chili powder, cocoa powder, spices, and brown sugar and left to rest for a while.

The "relish" is a heck of a lot more than a relish - there's a lot of it, it's a hearty component with the beans and corn and tomatoes. If it wasn't cooked in the pan that the meat was seared in, it might even work as a vegetarian chili.

When it's all done, the relish goes on the bottom of the plate and the sliced steak goes on top.

If you've never had flap meat, it's worth a try. If you can't find it, skirt steak or flank steak would be good substitutes.

I'd love to give you the recipe for this one, but we've been given a limited number of recipes we're allowed to publish during this party. Don't worry, I will have more recipes for you before this is over. Then you can decide for yourself what you think of this cookbook.

Meanwhile, my husband is pretty happy with the results. As he said over dinner the other night, "I don't know who this guy is, but it seems like he knows how to cook."

For my part in this party, I've been given a copy of the cookbook, a jar of Emeril's Essence and serving bowls made by Zak! My post about quesadillas has a giveway for that same set of bowls. But that's not all. I'll also have a book to give away soon (stay tuned for that).

Bloggers who participate in this party and complete the 3-week assignment will receive some additional books by Emeril as well as a small cash reimbursement. One blogger will be chosen to receive a 6-quart Emeril-branded crockpot made by T-Fal.

For more information on Morrow's cooking blog, see The Secret Ingredient. Want to pre-order the book? Clicky-clicky right here.

Are you on Facebook? The Secret Ingredient and Emeril have pages there. Or if you prefer Twitter, you can find Morrow Books and Emeril there as well.


30AEats said...

This really looks great!I am a big Southwestern food fan, and love the avocado on the side!

Miss @ Miss in the Kitchen said...

Wow that really looks great!

diabeticFoodie said...

Cocoa powder in the rub sounds really interesting. How did I miss this one? The flavors are right up my alley! Love the addition of avocado slices.

Marnely Rodriguez-Murray said...

Love that you served this with a side of Avocados! Yum!

looloolooweez said...

Oh man, this looks amazing. I'm the only one in the house who eats steak of any kind (beyond ground beef, I'm mean), and I'm constantly drooling over it. Maybe THIS will be the recipe that finally turns them all to the dark... er, I mean, medium-rare side?

Anonymous said...

The husband got it exactly right. Nuff said.

Donna Currie said...

Yup, Craig, he thought so, too.

Rachel @ Not Rachael Ray said...

This one looked great! So many I want to try :)

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