Saturday, April 21, 2012

The International Bunny Tour

When I made a loaf of Bunny Bread for Serious Eats for my post the week before Easter, I expected that a couple people would say Awwwww, how cute, but I didn't expect the popularity that post got.

I mean, you always hope that a lot of people will like something you've made, but it's hard to predict. Sometimes I think a recipe is pure genius, and it gets very little attention.

And sometimes, things sort of explode. My first indication that Bunny Bread was destined for success was when I got an email from Serious Eats telling me that MSNBC did a blurb about the bunny posting on Serious Eats.

And it ended up the #1 post for the week on Serious Eats.

On my post about making the bunny bread, this blogger sent me a link to this bread, inspired by mine:

I said that if people wanted to send me photos of their creations, I'd be happy to post them. Anke from Berlin (who goes by the name Mangold on Serious Eats) sent me this:


Then, I started getting hits from other sites that linked directly back to me.
So Delicious
Plaisirs Sante

And then Erin R. send me a photo of her bunny challah:

And I found it being chatted about here:

Consulting Diva

And Veronika sent me these photos:

And then I found these much later:

And here's another bunny, all the way from France.

This is what the email said, "My girlfriend Justine made a bunny bread for Easter lunch in Poitiers, France after I showed her your post. It went well with the traditional Poitiers Easter lunch of roast goat, and also worked really well with the dessert I made, brownies cooked in eggshells. I've attached a photo of the bread and the brownies."

What, you want to see the brownies, too? Well, okay!

If you made bunny bread based on my recipe, send me a photo and I'll add it to this post. Thanks, everybody, for sharing!