Monday, January 6, 2014

Organics, delivered, a Twitter party, and a #Givewaway for #FreshNewYear

Ah, it's the New Year, and you know what that means ... Christmas stuff is on deep discount and Valentine's goods are vying for your attention right across from the scales and diet aids. A weird juxtaposition, to be sure.

When it comes to getting healthy, I'm not big into fads and famine. Instead, I think that moderation, less-processed foods, and a good dose of fresh fruits and vegetables are the best medicine.

And exercise. But you can't buy that at the store.

So, when I got an opportunity to co-host a Twitter party for Door-to-Door Organics, it seemed like the perfect thing. I wrote about them once before, and I've actually been to their local office and warehouse.

It's kind of a neat idea - home delivery of organic foods, including locally-sourced products.

About Door-to-Door Organics:

Door-to-Door Organics has been in business since 1997, and started with "a fresh, simple, seasonal box of organic produce delivered right to our customer's doorstep." Now, there is a much wider range of products, including organic, local, humanely raised, and fair-trade foods.

Here's a sample of what I got from them a while back:

See, it's not all fruits and vegetables - you can stock up on pantry items as well.

The groceries are delivered in 100 percent recyclable, Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified boxes and all of the packaging is either reusable or recyclable. Door-to-Door will pick up those packaging materials on your next delivery day so they can be reused or recycled efficiently.

Worried about the carbon footprint of getting food delivered? Door to Door Organics determines the most fuel and time efficient way deliver to customers, and concentrated delivery areas help reduce the number of vehicles on the road by consolidating an average of 65 customers into one vehicle and route.

Deliveries start at 7 a.m. and should be complete by 6 p.m. Drivers knock to let customers know the box has arrived, but no one needs to be there to receive it - deliveries can be left at the door or in a cooler.

Want to know more?

Come Join the Twitter Party for a chance to WIN

Follow the hashtag #FreshNewYear Twitter Party on Thursday, January 9 at 7 p.m. central time.

The folks you want to follow are:

The sponsor, Door-to-Door Organics: @dtdOrganicsCHI
The Host, Momma Cuisine: @mommacuisine
And the cohosts:
Besides me, at @dbcurrie, there are four others:
@rachelcooksblog –
@crunchycreamysw –
@namelymarly -
@dinnersdishes -

About Momma Cuisine:

Momma Cuisine, Johanna M. Cook has been capturing audiences since 2009 with her mission to get families to make Great Everyday Meals using simple ingredients and basic cooking techniques. Momma Cuisine’s engaging personality has helped her to become a leading cooking personality in Chicago and beyond. With regular television and live appearances, Momma Cuisine’s series of shows has garnered national media attention.  Check out her recipes on  and her series of shows on the Momma Cuisine YouTube channel.

Want to WIN?

Enter here to win one of two $100 gift cards for Door-to-Door Organics - but you might want to make sure you're in their delivery area before you enter!) And make sure you come to the Twitter party for even more fun!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Door-to-Door Organics.

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