Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gadgets: Garject Lite

Is there any kitchen simple kitchen gadget more controversial than the garlic press? I think not. So, if you don't like them, you might as well look away right now.

For the most part, garlic presses operate the same way - they mash garlic cloves through small holes. The Garject Lite ($19.95) from Dreamfarm does that and a little more.

After you press the garlic, there's always garlic clinging to the bottom of a press, so the Garject Lite has a little squeegee-like attachment that scrapes the bottom of the press to remove that garlic. Then, when you open the press, little fingers press through the holes from the bottom to loosen the garlic peels inside the press, Then you press a button and a lever pops the skins out.

I was pretty happy with the squeegee action, but popping the skins out wasn't always 100 percent successful. If the skins were small, the lever only popped part of them out. But that's better than nothing, and a quick rinse got the rest of the skins out of the press.

The Garget Lite comes in a variety of colors, to match your kitchen or to help you find the gadget in your junk drawer. If you're looking for a garlic press, this one is worth checking out.