Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hot Buttered Rum Nutella Toddy

It's mostly warm out, but the evenings here are still chilly. And the other night I was feeling a bit ... icky. A little congested and crackly, like a cold was trying to catch me.

So I snuggled up with some blankets and a hot drink.

I recently discovered hot buttered rum, and that's what I was going to make. But then I spied the jar of Nutella and decided to mix some into the drink.

Genius idea. It had the buttery rummy flavor, along with nuttiness and chocolate.

Hot Buttered Rum Nutella Toddy

3/4 cup hot water (drinkable temperature)
1/2 teaspoon butter
1 ounce Captain Morgan white rum
Generous spoon full of Nutella (to taste)

Pour the hot water into a mug and add the butter and rum.

Stir the Nutella in briskly.

Serve hot.