Friday, October 3, 2014

And then this happened ...

I was going to publish a recipe today, and a giveaway.

But then this guy showed up.

He was carrying a heavy box.

And when I opened the box, I found these.

Yes, that's my name on the cover.

Look at that! Wow! It's real.

I've been completely useless since these showed up, and if I finished writing the planned post, it would probably not be in English. And I'd probably make a terrible mistake and give away a small hippopotamus or something like that.

So instead I'm going to tell you that you can buy the book directly from the publisher - and they have a PDF version as well, if you're that sort of person.

Or you can find it on Amazon.

If you want an autographed copy, I am making arrangements with my local bookstore, so it's easier for everyone. When I have details on how you should order, I will let will know. Or you could contact them directly and ask. They won't have books until after the Nov. 4 release date, but if they know they have books already sold, they'll know how many more they need to order.

TOMORROW there will be a recipe and giveaway.

Today, I celebrate!

Oh, and if you're wondering how I managed to get a photo of the UPS guy at the moment of delivery, my husband parked his car at the end of the driveway, and waited there for him. Not all day. He's not that crazy. But we get enough deliveries here to know what time we should expect a package to drop.

So he sat there. In his car. With a camera.

Isn't he sweet?