Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! Want a gift card?

I love surprises, and when this landed on my doorstep, I'll admit that I was quite surprised.

Okay, I'll admit that I knew that a basket was coming from my friends at Safeway. I just didn't realize that the basket was going to be so huge. And heavy. And huge.

But it's not just for me. Nope.There's something in there for YOU, too.

Do you see it?

Look closely.

See? That's a $50 Safeway gift card (also accepted at other Safeway-family stores) that I'm giving to one lucky somebody. Because it's Thanksgiving and I'm thankful that I have such great fans and great sponsors.

Sure, you won't have it in time to go shopping for your Thanksgiving groceries, but you'll have it in time to splurge on something for Christmas.

No you don't get the basket. I've already unpacked it. Although I'll have a recipe using basket ingredients later. So that's something. Right?

Meanwhile, I did make something from the basket. I had an emergency craving for peanut butter cookies, and this happened:

Good luck!

Safeway provided me with the basket and contents at no cost to me.