Friday, November 13, 2015

The Broncodriver: A Cocktail

The nice folks at Smirnoff challenged me to make a cocktail using Smirnoff Ice, celebrating my football team.

The first decision was figuring out which team was "mine." I grew up in Bears territory and moved to Broncos territory. Funny thing is that the major color in both logos is orange. So this really pays homage to both teams.

I chose to use the Screwdriver flavor of Smirnoff Ice, because it was pretty close to the orange color I wanted.

To darken the color, I added a splash of cranberry juice. And then I had some fun with the blue color from the Broncos logo. The ice cubes - or actually spheres - were blue.

The Broncodriver

1 bottle of Smirnoff Ice screwdriver
Splash of cranberry juice
Ice cubes, as needed, colored blue*

How easy can it be? Fill the glass with ice, add the Smirnoff Ice, and add a splash of cranberry juice to darken the orange color of the cocktail.

*I turned my ice cubes blue by freezing butterfly pea flower tea, which is a natural blue color. If you don't happen to have that tea on hand, you can use blue food coloring. Or, of course, you can use plain ice cubes.

But blue is fun, right?

The nice folks at Smirnoff Ice send me product and funds to purchase ingredients for this post.