Thursday, September 22, 2016

Boozy Tiki Ice Pops

I love it when a set of random things fits together perfectly. In this case, I got a bottle of Smirnoff Red White and Berry which is ... well, berry flavored.

Then I bought some cherry juice from a local place that makes all kinds of ciders and fruity things, but I always think of them for their cherry products. So, there was cherry juice to go with the berry booze.

But what could I do with it? What? Whaaaaaaaaa t.t.t.t..???

Then I bought these crazy looking tiki ice pop molds. I saw them at the Housewares Show earlier this year, and kind of fell in love with them.

There are a bunch of different shapes and I had a hard time deciding between the tiki shapes and the monster shapes, but finally settled on the tiki. I might get the monster ones next spring or summer. They're just so cute. And there are a bunch of other ones, too.

These ice pops are nice for a sweet little meal ender - for adults, of course. But there's not a lot of booze, so you're not going to get woozy. And you probably don't want to add a lot of booze to this sort of thing, or you end up with an ice pop that doesn't freeze well, or that thaws way too quickly. But feel free to experiment and see what the perfect amount is for you - and for you ice pop molds.

So this is how it happens.

Tiki Ice Pops

1 tablespoon Smirnoff Red White and Berry per ice pop
Cherry juice, to fill
Yeah, that's it. Nothing fancy.

Put the booze in the ice pop molds, fill with cherry juice, and freeze.

Ta daaaaa!

The Red White and Berry is pretty good mixed with juices or with sparking water or sodas. Meanwhile, the ice pop molds were soooo easy to use, the pops came out easily, and the designs were very distinct.

And the pops were just perfect.

I received the Smirnoff Red White and Berry at no cost for my use. I bought the tiki ice pop molds and the cherry juice.