Monday, March 15, 2010

Musing: Here Comes Mr. Bunnycake!

I am an admitted sucker for interesting cake pans. So when I saw the 3-D Bunny pans at Cayenne Kitchen, I had to indulge myself.

I already have a 3-D lamb cake mold, so I figured I might as well have the companion piece. The lamb cake turned out well in the mold, despite the fact that cakes at high altitude can be tricky.

The bunny is a pretty small mold, which is good, too. I usually don't need to be baking huge cakes. I think the lamb mold that I have is a little larger, but it could just be the shape. I haven't checked the volume of the two. Heck, I haven't even unwrapped the bunny yet.

Oh, and the picture came from my scanner. I thought it might look interesting.

The neat thing about these 3-D molds is that they bake the whole 3-D shape in one piece. I have other molds that bake two sides separately that need to be glued together with frosting. That's fine, too, but this is a whole lot easier and there's no risk of the two pieces sliding or coming apart.

So now, I'm pondering whether I should bake one bunny, or if Mr. Bunny would like Mr. Lamb as a companion. Because the label shows them frolicking together in a lovely pastoral scene with decoratively arranged jelly beans and plastic eggs.

Or maybe they aren't such good friends. If you look closely at the label, it seems that Mr. Lamb is giving Mr. Bunny a very strange look. Maybe it's the terrible frosting work on Mr. Bunny. I mean, really? This is the label to sell the bunny, but the frosting job looks a bit manic.

See what I mean?

That lamb looks really concerned about Mr. Bunny's apparent fur problem. Maybe he thinks it's contagious. On the other hand, the lamb looks pretty well decorated. But you know, I guess it gives me some confidence that I can to a better job on the bunny. So maybe that's the point.

Anyway, here's a lamb cake that I baked for a previous Easter. Coconut might have been a better presentation, but that's one thing I won't eat, so he got a white(ish) frosting instead. Since this was from a year or so ago, so I don't recally exactly what I used, but it was probably a cream cheese frosting. I'm not a huge fan of buttercream, if I have a choice.

He doesn't look nearly as annoyed as the one on the label.
But then again, he hasn't met Mr. Bunny yet.