Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Turkey's Done! It's Soup!

When Thanksgiving is over, the last thing I make from the leftovers is turkey soup. After sandwiches and after pot pie and after everything else that uses up bits and pieces of the bird and the sides, the last bits of just about everything go into the soup. That includes the gravy, the vegetables, and the mashed potatoes.

Yes, I said gravy and mashed potatoes. It's not a clear soup when it's done, that's for sure.

Whatever turkey is left goes into the soup, along with the stock. Some years, there's barely any meat and other years, it's a meaty soup. And then I supplement. This time, it was the rest of the frozen vegetables that I had bought for the pot pies. Because there weren't any vegetables left over. We ate all those right away.

And with most turkey soups,  I usually add some rice or noodles. This was no exception. I added tri-color orzo.

It all went into a pot where it got simmered long enough for the vegetables and pasta to cook, and for the flavors to meld. And that was it. Done, served, turkey is gone.