Sunday, January 9, 2011

Serious Eats Meetup

Serious Eats, that site where I spend way too much of my time, spearheaded "Meetups" on January 8, 2010, when Serious Eats friends and fans all over the world signed up, set a place and time, and hung out with fellow foodies for a while.

I decided to set a time and place in Longmont and see if anyone would sign up. I chose Mike O'Shays, one of my favorite spots in Longmont, and picked 1 pm. I mean, what the heck. No one else nearby had chosen a time or place, so I figured I'd make it convenient for me.

When "foodiemama" from Serious Eats signed up for the Longmont meetup, I convinced my friend Liz to show up, too. While Liz doesn't post on Serious Eats, she reads the site and she "followed along" with the sourdough starter-along series. Which explains why she brought George along. George is her sourdough starter. He wasn't feeling well, but I think he'll be just fine in a few days.

Here's the four of us, smiling while our waitress took our photo. It was fun. It's funny how quickly we were chatting like we'd all known each other for years. George didn't say much, though. He burped a little hen I opened his jar, but otherwise he was pretty quiet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,
Looks like you all had a good time. Would you be interested in joining the "Front Range Food Bloggers"? We will be getting together on 1/22. You can find the details here:
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Donna Currie said...

Thanks Kirsten! I just signed up.

Marketplace Maverick said...

I post on Slice sometimes under "bartonkt", and I work in Longmont (but live in Broomfield). Glad to know you live close by in case I have some sourdough questions, I just finished making my first sourdough bread and should be making my first pizza with it this weekend.

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