Saturday, March 26, 2011

Online Bake Sale to Help Japan

Heads up, guys!

If you've been drooling over my creations, but you don't want to bake your own, I'm participating in an online bake sale to help Japan. Read about it here.

You'll have your chance to bid on all sorts of baked goods (including mine!). And do a little something to help support Japan.

I read about this bake sale and followed some links, and decided that it would be kind of a fun way to help a good cause. I don't personally know anyone involved, but it all seems legit.

I've done local bake sales, and I've make food for in-person demos, but this is the first time I've ever had online strangers bidding on my baked goods. So we'll see how it goes.

My first consideration was what might travel well. First, I considered biscotti. They're pretty dry, so they wouldn't get weird or moldy in the mail, and they wouldn't break up too much in handling.

But biscotti - even my tweaked versions of them - aren't all that unique. I decided that my fire crackers would be a better choice. They're different. You can't find them anywhere else,

I think they'll do well in a sale, and hopefully they'll raise some money for a good cause.

As far as shipping, these these are completely dry, so shipping is simple. A couple might break, but it's not like trying to ship frosted cupcakes. And once they get to their new home, they don't have to be eaten right away. Like any dried cracker, they've got a long, long shelf life. So the buyer doesn't have to eat them that day or that week.

And last, these have that little air of mystery. These are the crackers that generated the optical illusion cracker that seemed to have a bear's face in it. There's no guarantee that any batch will ever have a special cracker like that, but you never know.


Sisy said...

LOVELY idea!! My heart breaks for them.

Unknown said...

What a great cause and one beautiful contribution:)

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