Friday, September 16, 2011

Rice Pudding with Jade Pearl Green Rice (Bamboo Rice)

This is the second part of today's Whole Foods Friday post. Whole Foods Friday is what I'm calling my new partnership with the local Whole Foods stores in Boulder County. Whole Foods lets me shop for what I need for any recipe I want to make, and I post the results here. Whole Foods also posts my recipes on their Boulder blog, and at Cooking Boulder. It's a fun project.

Green Rice Pudding

Green rice is infused with bamboo extract that adds a delicate flavor.

The raw rice is an interesting green color, but the color is much more subtle after it's cooked.

3/4 cup green rice
1 quart milk
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt

I made this in a rice cooker, but you can also cook it in a heavy-bottomed pan on the stove top on low heat, stirring as needed until the rice is cooked through.

Place all the ingredients in your rice cooker, and cook on the "porridge" setting. It will be loose and soupy when it's done. Transfer to a storage container and refrigerate. It will thicken up considerably when chilled.

Serve garnished with cinnamon or nutmeg - or both.

Almond Coffee, Three Ways

I recently tried almond milk for the first time, and I was surprised at how much I liked it. So when I started thinking about coffee drinks, it sounded like the perfect addition - the almond flavor makes the drink a little more interesting.

But we're not talking about just plain coffee - these use coffee liqueur. In particular, I chose a Colorado-made liqueur from Leopold Brothers. There's a lot of interest in eating locally these days, so why not drink locally too?

Version 1: Iced Almond Coffee
Fill a short glass with ice, add a shot of coffee liqueur, and top with almond milk. Stir and serve.

Version 2: Frosty Almond Coffee
Use the same ingredients as for the Ice version, but this time, but them in your blender and blend until smooth. Serve.

Version 3: Some Like it Hot
Start with a cup of hot brewed coffee. Add a shot of the coffee liqueur and as much almond milk as you like. Serve.

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Anonymous said...

Uuum? As much as I love my rice, so many different types and forms, rice pudding is not a winner. That said, a non-cooking frequent guest likes the form and is a huge fan of Whole Foods' prepared goodies department. As a double-win, I'll probably try this. "Green Rice" is another new one for me, but why not. I've rarely met a rice a rice that I do not like. Thanks! -Craig

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