Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crunch ... crunch .. Cassava Root Chips

We don't eat a lot of chips at home, and when we do, they're more likely to be tortilla chips than potato chips. I don't know why that is, but potato chips simply don't fall into the shopping cart that often, and when they do, we don't gobble them down.

A bag of potato chips can last a long time.

When I got an email from the PR company that handles Crisproot cassava chips, my first inclination was to say "no thanks" but the email was clever and funny and the next thing you know I had cassava chips waiting for me on the front porch.

I don't dislike potato chips, If there's a bowl of them at a party, I will munch. If there are some next to a sandwich, I will happily eat them.I grew up eating potato chips. They're the picnic standard.

There are other vegetable chips I've tried that I didn't like. At all. No, thanks.

Cassava chips, on the other hand, aren't weird like some of those other chips. They're actually very similar to potato chips. So what's the point? Why buy cassava chips instead of potato chips? For one thing, they have twice as much fiber as potato chips. That's always a good thing. And there's nothing weird or unnatural about them - they're just made from a different plant.

They're just a tiny bit crunchier - more sturdy and less delicate - than your standard potato chip. Whether that's good or not depends on your mood, I guess. But they'd hold up really well to any dip that you have.

And then we have flavors. You want something with a kick that isn't your usual chip? Go for the Thai ginger. So far I've only snacked on these, but I'm thinking these chips, crushed to smithereens, would make an amazing crust on chicken or fish. Or on top of mac and cheese. Or *crunch* what was it we were talking about again?

Yeah, they're chips. Munch on them, crunch on them, add them to the shopping basket. Crisproot. Funny pr emails, and tasty chips. More fiber. Probably better for you. Now I need some dip.

So tell me, what alternative chips have you tried that you like? And do you eat them because they're better for you, or do you eat them because you like them better than potato chips?