Sunday, February 19, 2012

I love it when celebrities get silly

Photo courtesy of ABC
Monday is President's Day, which is typically not a big food holiday, right? But on the Chew, ABC's daytime food/talk show, the crew dressed up to celebrate.

From left to right, we have Chef Michael Symon as President Harry Truman; Chef Mario Batali as Benjamin Franklin; Chef Carla Hall as Phillis Wheatley; Daphne Oz as President Abraham Lincoln and Clinton Kelly as President George Washington.

I have to say that Batali does a pretty good Benjamin Franklin. On the other hand, I think Symon looks more like a mobster than a president. Who am I thinking of? Al Capone, maybe?

Besides the silliness, there will be a taped interview with White House Chef Chris Comerford.

Okay, I'm amused.