Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'd like to thank the Academy ...

Browned Butter Ice Cream**
Okay, I'll admit it. I compulsively check my blog stats during the day to see how many visits I've had, and where they've come from.

I don't mean I'm peeking into your computer. I can't see you, but if other sites pass along the information, I can see the address of the site that referred someone to me.

Much of the traffic comes from very few sources. Google, of course. Photo sharing sites. Twitter. Facebook.

And then sometimes I see a link that's a little different. Maybe a conversation on Reddit or some blog I'm not familiar with. Today a visitor came from this link:

Don't go there yet. Lemme gloat a bit.

You see, The Kitchn hosts this "Best of the Blogs" thing, and people nominate their favorites. Somebody nominated ME. Woah. Like out of all the possible wonderful blogs, someone put my name on the list. I was floored.

I scrolled through the list, and there are a LOT of amazing blogs that I'm familiar with. That I am pleased and proud to rub elbows with. That I would love to grind into dust as I claw my way to the top. Ahem. That I am excited to compete against.

Realistically, there's no chance for me to get to first place. Top six is where the real glory is, because those blogs will get a LOT of attention on The Kitchn which leads to a LOT more traffic. I can hope to get to the top six, but even that is pie-in-the-sky. Not because I don't believe in my blog, but because there are so many awesome food blogs.

Seriously. And every day, it seems like I find a new one.

Looking for a new food blog to read? Go check out the list at The Kitchn. And while you're there, I wouldn't mind a little vote for Cookistry. And, in case you don't know - you can indeed vote for more than one blog. So if you're torn between one or two or five favorites, give them all a little love. For most of the bloggers on that list, it's not about winning, but being recognized. Having at least a few people say that you're doing okay.

I was giddy to see my name on the list. Thank you anonymous person who nominated me. Meanwhile, my goal is to get enough votes so I climb far enough up on the list that people who don't know me will be click the link.

That's it. That's the goal. Not winning. I just want to meet a few people.

Now you can go. Go ahead, now. Run along. I'll be right here when you come back tomorrow. Or I will be after I go visit a bunch of awesome new blogs.

** The photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post, except that I won a contest with the recipe.