Saturday, March 31, 2012

I eat and talk (a review)

When I got an email from Chuao Chocolatier asking if I wanted to sample and review some of their Easter and Mother's Day chocolates, I said a most emphatic no.

Yeah, right.

Of course I said yes. Yummy chocolates? Bring 'em on.

The Easter chocolate they sent was the Hopping Popping Bunny. He wasn't hopping, but he was most definitely popping, since the chocolate was studded with popping candy.

The cool thing about the popping candy in the chocolate is that to really experience the effect, you end up eating the chocolate much, much slower. Little pieces of chocolate at a time that you savor, rather than inhaling a less amusing candy.

Whimsical chocolate bunnies are a heck of a lot of fun in the Easter Basket, but the Mother's Day selection they sent me was much more elegant.

A pretty white box tied with a white ribbon, the selection was called Breakfast in Bed.

The flavors were reminiscent of things you might find on a breakfast tray starting with a coffee-flavored chocolate. Because of course you want to start your day with coffee, right?

The other flavors were maple bacon that included smoked salt; orange bliss (because you need your orange juice); French toast that had a hint of cinnamon and maple, and rose garden that's filled with a rosewater caramel.

And did I mention that the packaging is kind of spiffy? The box closes with a magnetic latch. I can imagine using the empty box for ... hmmm ... I don't know for sure. But it would be nice for something. Small tools, teabags, jewelry.

If mom likes fancy chocolates, this little box would look great on the breakfast tray, right along with coffee, orange juice, French toast with bacon, and a rose in a small vase.