Saturday, October 20, 2012

Green Tomatoes

Guest Post by Maurita Plouff, at her blog Get the Good Stuff 

As the leaves begin to show beautiful colors, the last fruits on the tomato vines reflect them in reverse. Instead of ripe red fruit, cooler weather brings more green tomatoes, with only a few showing color at all. It's a bit sad, knowing that tomato season is quickly drawing to a close. 

Any gardener or farmer wants to get the most yield possible from the plants. A dedicated tomato fan like me wants to savor every last bit of flavor! I learned from my grandmother that tomatoes with a bit of red showing will ripen, if wrapped loosely in paper and kept in a cool cellar. But what to do with the hard green ones? 

This year, after experimenting with about a half bushel of them, I have four very good answers to that question. These are the recipes that passed my tests for flavor, simplicity, and ingenuity. They're all keepers in my kitchen, and perhaps you'll like them in yours!