Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's an OXO Giveaway!

If you read yesterday's post, you probably read the teaser about the awesome giveaway from OXO. I have to say that I own a whole lot of OXO tools, and when Virtual Potluck got an offer of sponsorship from them, I was pretty excited,

And then I thought, gee, considering how many of their tools I own, would I get anything new?

Well, yes, I did!

The first thing I saw that I was over-the-moon about was the new ricer. This is the third ricer I've owned. The first one had a one-piece basket, so you couldn't  select different sized holes. That was one downside, but the other was that it had holes on the sides as well as the bottom. So every time I used it, potatoes squished out the sides as well as the bottom. It was a bit of a mess.

The second ricer had removeable bottom plates, but they simply slid into the bottom of the basket. About half the time, that plate would come up when I opened the lever to add more potatoes. It did the job well enough, but it was annoying to use.

With the OXO ricer, you change the hole size by turning the bottom plate. Easy peasy. It works brilliantly.

Just for the fun of it, I decided to see if it would mash graham crackers for my cheesecake. It worked pretty well, First, I smashed, then I shook the ricer like you'd shake a strainer. The small-enough bits fell through the holes and the larger pieces stayed in the basket to be smashed some more.

This whole basket o' goodies is worth winning, just to get the ricer.

But there's MORE!

The thermometer is pretty cool, and what I really appreciate is that not only does it give the USDA recommended temperatures for meats, it also displays the "chef recommended" temperatures. And it was easy to set. No need to read the directions. That's a plus.

The most awesome thing about the thermometer might be that the probe stores neatly in a hole in the thermometer so it's not all loose and tangled up when you put it in a drawer. It's neat and compact. Less chance for the cable to get kinked, crimped, and cracked. Genius.

The poultry shears, as I said in my post yesterday, are awesome because they come apart for cleaning. That's a huge selling point for me - actually one of the most important things to look for in poultry shears.

Woah. Look at all that!
The pot holders have a silcone coating, so if you're picking up something wet or steamy, you've got some protection. Thick cloth oven mitts are great, but if you're dealing with something wet and those mitts get wet - well, you might as well not have mitts at all. That's why these were great for handling that cake pan with hot water.

And, they have magnets, so you can slap them on the refrigerator, AND they have a loop for hanging. They also work as trivets. The ones I got were red, but these come in a few different colors.

There's also a turkey baster that includes a brush for cleaning it. Instead of a completely round squeeze bulb, it's an oval shape that's easier to grab. It comes apart easily for cleaning, and if you wanted to, you could store the cleaning brush inside the baster. I tried; it fits.

There's a silicone brush that is slightly angled so when you put it on the counter, the brush end will be raised off the counter surface. Besides the usual thin brush strands, it also has thicker inner strands with holes that trap the basting liquid better. I remember seeing Alton Brown recommend a brush like this.

Last but not least is a 4-cup fat separator. There's a plug that fits the spout so liquid doesn't immediately fill the spout. That means you won't have fat in that first bit you pour out. There's also a strainer that fits the top so you can strain out the large bits, bay leaves, or whatever else is in your stock. It's also got measurements on the side, so you can use it as a measuring cup. And who doesn't need an extra measuring cup?

How to WIN! Contest is OVER ... and the winner is:
Perky Mac! 
Congrats and I hope you enjoy your new gadgets

  • For your first entry, tell me which of the OXO products I described is the one you'd most like to own. That is the only mandatory entry.

OPTIONAL entries - no particular order - do any that you like.

  • Go to THIS POST and either pin one of the photos to Pinterest or Stumble the post. Come back here and leave a comment telling me what you did.
  • Tweet "Win @OXO tools from Cookistry! @dbcurrie" and then come back here and tell me that you tweeted. You can add something extra to that tweet if you like.
  • Like OXO and Cookistry on Facebook and come back here and leave a comment that you've liked us.

And that's it. One mandatory entry, three optional, and a whole LOT of awesome OXO tools you could win. This giveaway starts today and ends on November 21 at midnight, mountain time. All usual contest rules apply. OXO will ship the prize to the winner.