Saturday, April 6, 2013

Get Paid for Getting Saucy

This is not my usual post, but for I change, I thought I'd offer you some money.

Well, sort of.

It's not my money.

A "major sauce company" is looking for people to answer some questions via video on a phone or tablet or video camera or whatever, and they're paying $100 to each person. Yeah, it's not a contest. You're not entering to win. You answer their questions and you get the bucks.

No, I don't know who the sauce company is, or what kind of sauce. It's sauce. Some kind of sauce.

There's one catch: You have to work with menu creation or make purchasing decisions in a commercial kitchen, like for catering or at a restaurant, hospital, hotel, or somewhere else with a commercial kitchen. So you need to answer a few questions to make sure you qualify before you get to the video part. But it seems pretty darned simple. And I know that some of my readers work in commercial kitchens - or you know people who work in commercial kitchens.

There's also one eetsy-beetsy request from me. I get a little (and I mean not big) finder's fee for referring you. It doesn't come out of your money, it's just a little extra cash for me. Like a tip. So please add  #COOKISTRY to the first screener response so they know I sent you.

So - do you want to sign up for the FREE MONEY???
Here's how:

1. Set-up a MindSwarms account at or Download the iPhone app to your iPhone.
2. Click the "Sauce Study for Food Service Operators" and apply by answering the 5 short questions. This is where you get to enter #COOKISTRY as your referral.
3. Wait to be accepted to the Sauce Study. You'll receive email notification.
4. Once accepted, go to the kitchen where you work. Answer the 7 video questions using your iPhone/iPad.
5. Check the upload tabs and make sure all the videos go through.
6. The $100 compensation is sent via PayPal 24 hours after finishing

The sponsor says the research videos are easy and fun, and you get to influence a major sauce company about a product. Whoever and whatever that might be.

I was compensated for posting this, but I would have shared it anyway, because it sounds like a pretty easy money-maker for my hard-working friends.