Monday, April 8, 2013

How about a treasure hunt?

I recently partnered with Good Cook, and right out of the gate we've got a little giveaway as part of a preview of a BIG giveaway (valued at $1,000) that's coming soon.

And now they've got some goodies for you.

Good Cook sells all kinds of cooking gadgets, bowls, cookware ... a whole kitchen full of stuff. If the logo is familiar but you're not sure why, it might be because the brand is often sold in supermarkets, so you might have passed by one of their displays on the way to buy sugar.

Beginning April 16 and running though May 21, there will be a "treasure hunt" where you can collect icons from the Good Cook site as well as participating blogs, and there will be three grand prize winners.

But wait! There's more! (I love saying that. Weird, right?) During the "hunt" I will have something else to give away. What is it? Well, truthfully, I don't even know yet. But I'm sure it will be something kitchen-useful.

For right now, though, I've got a taste of Good Cook products for you - a Touch flex turner and a Touch slotted spoon (The ones pictured up at the top of this post.)

CONTEST IS OVER - winners are being notified.

This post was sponsored by Good Cook.

Note: I've updated my Disclosures tab. You might want to take a look at that. It's got new info on who I choose to work with and why.

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