Monday, May 27, 2013

Mighty Feiny Chicken Wings

A while back, I "met" a guy named Adam Feinberg on Facebook, and he kept posting about his "mighty fein rubs." Fortunately, he was talking about spice rubs. Because otherwise his posts would have made no sense at all. And then I found out that his spice rubs were a local product.

Yep, he's from Colorado. Denver, actually. So, not a neighbor, but close enough. Recently, he sent me a lovely collection of rubs. And they fit nicely in the Ball dry herb jars I reviewed a while back.

Well, they fit after I used a little bit. And that's kind of the point, right? To use them.

First, I tried rubs on two steaks - the Citrus BBQ and the Original BBQ.

Then I made a batch of chicken wings on the grill.

We like wings, and they're a great thing to have on hand in the freezer for a simple meal. And leftovers are great cold, so I tend to make bigger batches.

Another nice thing about wings is that they can be cooked directly from the freezer. Since a rub wouldn't stick to frozen wings, I threw them on the grill, then when they warmed up enough, I sprinkled the rub on. When I flipped them over, I sprinkled rub on the second side.

I tried two different rubs on the wings - the Original BBQ and the Everything.

As I continued cooking and flipping the wings, I sprinkled on more of the rub to get a nice coating.

The wings were cooked through right about the same time the skin had a nice color.

And that was that.


But how about the rubs?

I used to be a snob about using spice mixes and blends, but I have to say that it's great to have spice mixes on hand that I can just grab and go. The Feiny's spices are all either no-salt or lightly salted, which is great - you can add enough flavor before you add too much salt.

And ... they're not just rubs. I used the veggie rub in a vegetable soup I made. And I'm sure I'll find more uses for all of the others. The Original BBQ might be my favorite. I'm planning on using that on some ribs I'll be making a little later in the week.

When I get around to making some more creative recipes with the rubs, I'm sure I'll be posting them. Meanwhile, I'm having fun just trying them out.