Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If your knife block and spice rack had a baby ...

... with a touch of mad scientist thrown in, you'd have the Spiceologist Block.

My friend Heather from Farmgirl Gourmet partnered with Savorx, a spice shop in her area, to create the Spiceologist Block, and now they're looking for funding on Kickstarter to pay for tooling and the first production run.

Most of my spices live in a kitchen cabinet, which is where they belong. But the Spiceologist block would be awesome for the spices that I use every darned day. And it looks cool. All retro-sciencey. I think it would be just plain FUN to pour my spices out of test tubes. I mean, really, I sort of cook like a mad scientist, so why not look like one, too?

Or wouldn't this be absolutely adorable for cake decorating supplies? Colored sugars, sprinkles, those little colored dots, edible glitter - can't you imagine that?

Or maybe for an array of salts and sugars for your bar. Or all of your favorite spices for popcorn. Or an array of chile powders, ranging from sweet paprika to ghost peppers. Or ... or ... whatever you can think of.

There's a starter block with 22 spices (or 22 empty holes or 22 empty tubes) and then you can add on with a second block that holds an additional 22 spices. I tell ya what. I've got NO space on my counter, but I want this thing just because it looks so awesome. And fun. And quirky.

But it's not for sale yet. First, it has to be funded. Then, it has to be manufactured. The estimated date you'd get your Spiceologist Block (if you fund the Kickstarter at that level) is November, 2013. Just in time for Christmas for you, or for a gift.

And if my friend Heather says that the spices from Savorx are good, then I believe her. I've already browsed the shop and there are some really interesting items I haven't seen elsewhere. And heavens knows I've got a ridiculous number of spices already. So if you can't fund at a level to get a Spiceologist Block, then maybe you need some spices.

Go, take a look. See what you think. See if it's worth funding. See if you've got $5 in your pocket to get an eBook, or a little more for some spices, or a little more to get a Spiceologist Block for yourself for Christmas. Won't it be a great conversation piece?

But don't do it for me. Do it for yourself. Because you want one of these, don't you? And do it for Heather. She's a great gal, and I'd love to see her vision become a reality. Check it out!

This is not a sponsored post.