Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cookie Cutters: The Rorschach Test of Baking

I used to work very-very-very part-time (like three or four hours a week) in a cooking-kitchen-gadget store, and when it was slow, I'd tidy up. Neaten up the cookie cutters. And there were some, if they were tilted sideways or hanging upside-down on the rack, that were baffling.

I'd stare at them and try to figure out what they were. And then I'd peek at the label to see if I was right.

So, when I got a box of holiday cookie cutters from Good Cook, I pulled them out one by one and named what they were without looking. It was all going swimmingly - Santa, stocking, gingerbread man, tree, mitten, duck, wreath, snowflake ...

Screech! Back up a second there. Duck???

Why was there a DUCK in the holiday cookie cutter set? 

But it wasn't a duck, it was actually a bird. 
Like this:

Maybe the partridge that was supposed to be in the pear tree?

But, no, that wasn't right. I know! It's a kitty!!!

Hmm. Perhaps not.

Maybe a kid playing with his new baseball mitt?

Crazy Aunt Zelda?

Oh dear...

Maybe the kid with the baseball mitt can help ...

Could it be ... a ... snowman???

Well, how about that?


And, it's a lot of other things, too, right?

Pretty cool. And weird.

Do you see any OTHER possible shapes?

Disclaim(ish): I get a TON of product from Good Cook as part of their Kitchen Experts program. For specific events, I am usually asked to include one or two of the products sent, but I'm free to do whatever I want with the rest. So, yes, I got this free. But this is NOT a required or sponsored post. I just happened to be amused by this particular item. I would have been just as amused if I had purchased it.