Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bake Sale, the Final Results

On May 8, Cayenne Kitchen in Longmont raised more than the hoped-for $750 during the Great American Bake Sale event benefitting Share Our Strength.

The grand total, including online pledges, sales, and auctioned items was $1185.15.

Here, Cayenne Kitchen's owners, Bill and Terry Nichols, take a moment out of the busy day to pose for a picture taken by Curtis Jones. amateur photographer and owner of Botanical Interests seed company.

Personally, I was quite pleased that my fortune cookies, each one hand-made and stuffed with a fortune and winning number, sold out.

All of the prizes were donated, with prizes ranging from cookbooks to kitchen gadgets to cake truffles.

There also were gift certificates for 18" pizzas from Abbondanza, massages from Murphy's Wellness Center, photo sessions from Debbie Adams Photography, pies from Loaf 'n Ladle, accupuncture from Find Your Balance, ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, consultations from Mary Kay consultant Leah Kennedy, discount coupons from Madifine Mercantile, and baking mix from Bella Gluten Free. Some of Cayenne Kitchen's vendors donated gifts, and Cayenne included a bunch of $5 gift cards. Not a bad deal, considering the cookies were only $3 each, or a better bargain for $5 for two cookies.

Baked goodies for sale and for the live auction were donated by businesses and also by a large number of very talented home bakers. There's no way to name them all individually or give credit to all the wonderful (and beautiful) treats, but here's a little sampling: 

Stone Table Catering donated these lovely gluten-free mocha bars:

Slice - The Designer Cake Studio donated this georgeous Chai Tea Cake:

Items sold as individual servings included Lucille's  cornbread and Winchell's donuts.
Here, Carol is selling goodies at just one of the tables filled with great stuff.

And here are even more goodies getting ready for sale:

Auction items included a Louisiana Praline cake and Danish Braid:

And cherry pies, flourless chocolate cakes, and gluten free cookies:

Isn't this Flourless Chocolate Cake Almandine a lovely thing?
Karl Nicoletti made this. No website to link to, but you can email him at

Other auction items included zuchinni bread from Niwot Tavern and cheesecake from Sun Rose Cafe.
All of the baked goods were expertly auctioned by Shawn Miller of Pacific Auction.

Here's Terry getting some signs ready for the auction goods:

But that wasn't all. Colleen Murphy was doing chair massages for donations to the sale:
Everyone seemed to be having a great time, including me:

And just for the fun of it, here are even more photos taken that day:
There was a lot of donated food, and there were a lot of generous buyers. At the end of the day, Terry and Bill donated the last few baked goods to a local charity, so nothing went to waste. Some of it might have gone to waists, but that's another story.

It was a fun day, for a great cause. If you've got a bake sale in your area, make sure you check it out. And if you're anywhere near Longmont, Cayenne Kitchen is planning on making this an annual event. Hope to see you next year. For now, I've got to demolish some yummy baked goods that I bought.

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