Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Road Trip: Part 10

Morning dawned with less humidity, but still more than I’d become used in in high and dry Colorado. It was also a little less warm, so the humidity was more like a soft caress than a stifling soggy blanket.

We took our show on the road again, heading out to visit another of my husband’s brothers, and were welcomed with the usual family hospitality. This brother bought an old Chicago bungalow years ago and he and his wife have been remodeling it back to its original state. That meant a lot of stripping of wood in all the rooms. Tedious work, but glorious results.

The kitchen was another story. They didn’t want a dysfunctional old kitchen; they wanted a modern kitchen with an old-time look to it. The stove is an older model, but the refrigerator is new with an old-style face on it. The microwave is hidden, and completely modern cabinets have faces that would have been at home when the house was new.

The finishing touch is a tin ceiling, but instead of hiding the wiring for the lights under the ceiling (which could have easily been done), there’s visible conduit painted the same color as the ceiling. It makes sense. Go to any old Chicago building with a tin ceiling and you’ll see that same conduit – with a real tin-ceilinged building, the electricity that came later couldn’t be hidden.

Descriptions don’t do it justice. Here are the photos.


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Awesome Remodel of the kitchen!!

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