Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Road Trip: Part 11

Before I go on, let me apologize for any peculiar typos in any of these posts. I’m doing much of the typing in a moving car while we’re going from one place to another, and getting them online when I have time. And considering the family and fun, I’m spending very little time online.

Dinner had to be at the Hop Leaf. This is one destination we planned on before the trip started, since this brother has been working at the Hop Leaf for years, and hubster and I had never been there.

We got the lowdown on the beer selections from my brother-in-law who helped us make our choices. Hubster ended up with Dortmunder Gold from the Great Lakes Brewing Company.

After a taste of two different stouts, I ended up with the Black Bourbon Stout from Allagash Brewery.

We opted for the appetizer of mussels, which came with some great bread for dunking and some Belgian Frites with aioli for the fries.

I could have quit there and just kept ordering mussels until I exploded, but we continued to the dinner menu.

I ordered pork tenderloin.

Hubster ordered beef brisket.

Brother ordered salmon.

And we finished off the meal with a chocolate mousse.

We walked out stuffed and hoppy…er, happy.