Friday, August 6, 2010

Road Trip: Part 13

The dinner bell rang in Morton Grove, Illinois, and we decided on Chinese food again. This time we had our tour guides (AKA hubster’s brother and his wife) to guide us to better cuisine than what we’d found in Bloominginton.

Our destination was China Chef, where I ordered moo shoo pork (again), hubster ordered egg foo yung (again), and brother ordered orange fish, and sis-in-law ordered Mongolian beef.

It was all great, and I completely forgot about photos until mid-meal when plates were demolished. We walked out with leftovers, including almond cookies. I hadn’t seen these in a long time, and they were always my favorites.

Mmmm…cookies. I’ve got to figure out the recipe one of these days.

The following morning was the day of the family reunion for my husband's father's side of the tree. But first, I met up with another old friend for some lunch. I drove to meet her at the place where she works - a natural pet food store in Wheaton, Illinios.

Besides working there, she also bakes dog treats. These look pretty yummy, hmmm?

We went to a local pancake house restaurant, and I ordered the cheese blintzes. It's been a while since I've had them, and these were pretty good. The fresh strawberries were nice, but the strawberry sauce was too sweet for my taste. But that's fine; they wisely served it on the side.

When I got back to Morton Grove, the party had already started, but no matter, It lasted until late became early. Here's a shot of the potluck buffet:

Kind of hard to see all that's there, but there were plenty of salads and sides to go with the fried chicken. And lots of beer and chitchat.

Everyone enjoyed the food, company, and the great back yard. Even these guys: