Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Five Seconds of Fame : The Bear Cracker

The local newspaper, the Longmont Daily Times Call, ran and article about me in the food section today. Here's a link directly to that story.

And here's a photo of the infamous bear cracker that was mentioned in the article, and here's where I blogged about it originally.

And for your cooking convenience, here are links to both of my Fire Cracker recipes. The first version was a little bit milder. That's the one that was published in the Times Call. The second one had a little more kick.

If you're new here, you can find MORE of my writing in the Left Hand Valley Courier (print edition), in the Longmont Ledger, on Serious Eats, on Slice (it's about pizza), and in the emailed newsletter for Cayenne Kitchen.  

Now you're all caught up!

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no1duzitbetta said...

I'm sure your fame lasted longer than 5 seconds lol, it took me a lot longer(not a speed reader) than that to read the article. Nice story though.

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