Saturday, April 16, 2011

BOTD: Peepnutbutter Bread

AKA: I Made This Bread, So You Don't Have To

The idea was simple: incorporate Peeps into a bread recipe.

Regular white bread didn't sound like the right option, so I decided to use peanut butter bread. After all, the fluffernutter sandwich is peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. Close enough. I used a variation of my Peanut Butter Bread recipe.

If you learn nothing else, let me tell you right now that peanut butter bread is really, really good. Give it a try some day.

I made the bread according to the recipe, up to the point where I normally would have been shaping it into a loaf. Then I started my adventure:

After the rise, I rolled out the bread into a rectangle,
It was a bit wider than my 10-inch bread pan and about 14 inches long:

I arranged the Peeps (I chose bunnies because they are flatter than the chicks.) in a nice pattern

This was two boxes worth of Peeps.
One dozen of each color. Pretty, hmmm?
But why are they staring at me?
I started rolling.
Do they look worried to you?

And more rolling.
I tucked in the sides as I rolled.
Towards the end, one Peep saw his fate coming and tried to run away, but I caught him.

Didn't I see this in a movie?

Why do I hear muffled screams?

And into the bread pan they went for a little rise time before baking.
It's pretty lumpy here, but it evened out as the bread rose around the peeps.
So far, so good.

The first sign of trouble was when I peeked into the oven.
There was a bit of bubbly pink stuff oozing out of the top.

The baked loaf doesn't look bad from this angle.
Yep, cropping works wonders.

And the bread looks pretty good.
Closeups are nice, aren't they?

And this corner looks okay,
Weird, but okay. Wait. Is it smiling at me?

Remember that bubbly pink stuff on top?
This is what it looked like after baking. Not so bad.

And the whole top of the loaf looks okay, really.

How about a slice?
Oh, my! Those are some mighty big holes.

You can see all the way through this chunk of bread.
And it left a puddle!

Why did I think I'd end up with gooey marshmallow in the bread?
Of course the peeps melted completely.
You can see where there was a yellow peep in the center and a pink one in the next part of the spiral.

So how did it taste? Surprisingly, not bad. It was sweet, but not horribly so. There was a lot of oozing out of the bottom of the bread, so there was a bit of marshmallow loss there. And the bottom part of the bread was more saturated with the melty goo than the top, so that part was sweeter, for sure.

It was sort of fun to pick at, but not something I'd rush to bake again. It might be an interesting loaf with just one row of Peeps in the very center.I'll leave that up to you. I've killed enough marshmallows for one day.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, Donna! I've often said that what modest success I've had in the kitchen is because I know my tools. The trash can is a favorite. Thanks for sharing this... -C.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the peep show! =)

Andy said...

That is awesome!!!

Amy said...

Haha! That is great! I've had a tough day, thanks for making me smile :)

Karen @offthemeathook said...

This is so funny - I loved the comments about how they looked scared :) Thanks for trying it for us so we didn't have to!

Victoria said...

that's pretty funny, looks like the peeps crawled away through the tunnels. thanks for sharing.


I like your blog Mrs. Donna Currie, sometime i am doing cooking and i like cookies.

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