Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gadgets: Danish Dough Whisk

If you work with bread dough a lot, you know there are some doughs that are too wet to knead but difficult to stir with any normal kitchen implement.

It's fine if you've got a stand mixer to do your kneading since it can handle just about any dough. But by hand, a whisk is too flimsy and a wooden spoon is difficult and mostly ineffective.

If only there was a tool that would make working with those doughs easier.

Even if your finished dough will be less wet when you're done with it, you may need to do some mixing at the beginning, when the dough is at that difficult stage.

If only ...

But wait! There is such a gadget. It looks a little silly - like why does it have all the loops? But this thing works. It's a Danish dough whisk, and it's made for hand-mixing doughs. It works well for gloopy wet doughs, and it works for denser doughs as well.

I got mine from King Arthur Flour, where they sell the dough whisk in two different sizes, but I've seen these whisks at a local kitchenware store as well. They sell for $13- $15, so it's not a huge investment. If you have a stand mixer, you might not want to bother with one, but if you do a lot of hand mixing, this crazy gadget works a heck of a lot better than anything else I've tried.