Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stuffed Olives #SundaySupper

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that surprise people the most. Like stuffed olives.

Sure, you've seen plenty of stuffed olives, but think about it. Most - if not all - stuffed olives are green. Stuff some plain black olives and people will think you're a genius. It's unexpected, while at the same time it's very familiar.

But what would you stuff a black olive with? Cheese is good. I started with some chevre. Then I decided it needed some spice. Captain Spongefoot's Sriracha Z Table Sauce was perfect.

You don't need a lot of ingredients for something like this. The olives are a little salty, the cheese is tangy, and the sauce adds spice.

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Stuffed Black Olives

1 can pitted black olives
2 ounces chevre
1 teaspoon Captain Spongefoot's Sriracha Z Table Sauce
Several grinds white pepper
Milk (as needed)

Drain the olives and pat dry.

In a small bowl, combine the chevre, sriracha, and pepper. Stir to combine. Add milk to thin it out just enough so you can pipe the mixture into the olives. Or, if you have an olive stuffer, you don't need the milk.

Taste for seasoning, and add more sriracha if you want spicier olives.

Using a pastry bag or a plastic bag with a corner snipped off, or an olive stuffer, fill the olives with the cheese mixture.


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