Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rum 'n Root Beer Cocktail for the #CaptainsTable

When I posted on Facebook that I was going to be doing some posts for "the Captain" and I asked people to guess who that was, I was a little surprised that 100 percent of the people who guessed said, "Captain Morgan."

Wow. Not one person guessed Captain Kangaroo or The Captain and Tennille.

Hmmm. Maybe my friends know me better than I thought. I never liked Captain Kangaroo or his sidekick, Mr. Green Jeans. And I'm pretty sure that neither the Kangaroo-man or the music man said much about cooking.

On the other hand, Captain Morgan will be a fine companion for the holidays, and I'm planning a few posts that'll include both food and beverage recipes using rum. I'm not entirely sure yet what I'll be making, but I'm guessing there will be some baking.

Because that's how I roll.

Just for a little sampler of the havoc I plan on creating, I decided to start with a little cocktail. Maybe this is too simple, but it's something I've liked for years, and every time I mention it to someone, they look at me like I'm a little crazy. Then they think about it for a second or two - probably thinking about the flavors ... and then it's "hmmmm ... well, yes, I can see how that would work."

Why yes. Yes it does.

And just because I can't leave well enough alone, I added a little bit of a garnish. Just for the fun of it.

Rum 'n Root Beer

1 ounce Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Rum
Root beer, to fill glass
Cinnamon stick

Fill a glass with ice. Add the rum and root beer and garnish with the cinnamon stick. Depending on how that cinnamon stick is rolled, you might be able to use it as a straw. Or, you'll just look silly. But it adds a touch of cinnamon flavor to the drink, and it's a fun stir-stick.

Serve. To me, preferably.

Disclaimer: I was provided with rum for recipes, and a stipend to cover the cost of my ingredients for my posts.