Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gadgets: Zenker Layer Cake Slicing Kit

I still remember the first time I was faced with slicing a layer cake in half horizontally. It was a bit of a disaster.

Okay, I was nine years old, but I haven't gotten all that much better despite have better knives and trying all sorts of tricks that are supposed to make it easier.

The Zenker Layer Cake Slicing Kit ($58.50) has turned me into a cake slicing expert. Heck, it could turn my nine-year-old self into an expert. There's nothing to set up or adjust, just slice between the guides, and you can slice a cake into multiple layers.

But wait, there's more! Uh... I mean, it's a kit, so you get some extras. There's a large cake lifter, which is pretty necessary if you're going to be lifting and moving thin layers of cake.

See the tiny, even layers? Huzzah!
Since the lifter is 11 inches in diameter, it would also be handy for shuffling small pizzas around.

And there's also a knife. Okay, everyone's got a knife or two but you need a sufficiently long knife to slice a cake in half horizontally, so it make sense to include one in this kit.

This one has a serrated blade that's just shy of 12 inches long, so it's plenty long, and the serrations make it find for slicing bread as well as cake.

The slicing guide is said to adjust to fit 10- and 11-inch cakes, but I recently used it for a 9-inch cake and an 8-inch cake. The 8-inch was a very loose fit, but it really didn't matter, since you don't actually need a snug fit for this to work.

Overall, I'm really pleased with this and forsee a lot more multi-layered cakes in my future.

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