Thursday, August 26, 2010


This guacamole was inspired by one in Rick Bayless's cookbook Fiesta at Rick's. I had planned to make his recipe as-is, and had the avocados waiting. I also had the required sun-dried tomatoes. And I always have onions, usually in multiple colors.

When I went to the store for other things I needed for dinner, I completely forgot about the guacamole that was going to accompany the fajitas and chips.

So, no cilantro.

As I re-read the recipe, I realized that cilantro wasn't the only thing I forgot, and at that point I decided to abandon the recipe entirely and just use what I had on hand to make an inspired recipe instead.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I generally don't like tomatoes in guacamole. A little is fine, but mostly I leave them out. Maybe it's because there is usually a tomato salsa nearby when guacamole is on the table. But Bayless's recipe sounded interesting to me because he used sun-dried tomatoes, and he specifically recommended the type that is sold by the dried fruits rather than the oil-drenched ones in jars.

I decided try some smoked sun-dried tomatoes in the guacamole, and added some finely diced red onions. I usually like to add lime to my guacamole, but  had no fresh limes. I like the tang the lime adds, and the acid also helps to keep it from browning as quickly. Without fresh limes, I turned to Real Lime, which is a powder. It tastes tart and limey, and it's nice to have on hand for those days when you've already been to the store once and you don't want to go back again. Salt finished it off.

Not very complicated, but good. The sun-dried tomatoes were nice; I'll keep those in mind for another time. Or, maybe I'll make Bayless's recipe next time. It looked really good.

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Anonymous said...

I always add fresh tomatoes to my guac. There are so many recipes I will have to cook out of this book. Isn't it great?

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