Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blue Cheese Dressing

Most of the dressings I make are vinegar and oil based. Once in a while, I make Thousand Island.

This time, I decided to make some blue cheese dressing. It was intended to accompany some hot wings, but the remainder will no doubt end up on salad.

When you make this recipe, the flavor will depend on the blue cheese you use, so use one that you like. You don't need to break the bank and use the most expensive one out there, but use one that tastes good.

The other important ingredient is the mayonnaise. Use one that you like. My recommendation is Hellmanns (Or Best mayonnaise, depending on where you live.) I don't usually recommend brands, but I'm still annoyed at the jar of other mayonnaise that I bought. It wasn't just the flavor, but the texture that was off. I didn't like it on sandwiches, and I didn't like it mixed into salads. It wasn't smooth - it was sort of ... unsmooth.

Yeah, okay, if you like another brand, use it. But don't blame me if your dressing ends up looking curdled instead of creamy.

Disclaimer: I've been dragging myself through an FTC document about what bloggers are supposed to do about endorsements, so here's the truth: I was not paid anything by Hellmanns and I did not receive any free products, coupons or trinkets for mentioning their product. I do not work for the company and I'm not related to anyone who works for the company. Unless the company has planted listening devices in my head, they have no idea I'm posting this. The opinions here are my own and/or my dog's but she doesn't get to eat blue cheese dressing and therefor has no opinion on this recipe.

Okay, technically I don't have to disclaim anything if I have nothing to disclaim. But in case someone suspects that I've sold my soul for a jar of mayonnaise, I wanted to set the record straight. On the other hand, if Hellmanns wants to deliver a new car or a copy of Modernist Cuisine, I might make some potato salad or something next month. You know, just in case ...  

Blue Cheese Dressing
measurements don't have to be exact - you'll be adjusting later

1/4 cup crumbled blue cheese
1/4 cup Hellmanns mayonnaise
Up to 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt

Combine the blue cheese and the mayonnaise in a small bowl stirring and mashing so that some of the blue cheese bits break up even more and incorporate into the mayonnaise. You don't want it completely smooth. Some chunks and crumbs are nice. Add the yogurt a tablespoon at a time, until you have the consistency you're looking for.

Taste and adjust seasoning. In theory, your cheese will be salty enough, but you might want to add a touch more. I didn't add any pepper or other seasonings since I didn't want to muddy the flavor, but there's a good chance that when it goes onto a salad I'll be grinding on a little fresh ground pepper.

I'm assuming that if you have blue cheese in the house, that you like the flavor of blue cheese. However, if the flavor is too strong, add more mayonnaise and yogurt until you reach an acceptable taste.

Refrigerate the dressing until you need it.


Casey@Good. Food. Stories. said...

And if Hellmann's wants to throw a copy of Modernist Cuisine in the mail for me too, that would be just dandy. Almost as good as getting a box o' gadgets.

Donna Currie said...

Ha. We can hope, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm fine with the dressing recipe and your Hellman's joke (get a grip, people! Donna has always been a full disclosure writer.) I just can't see putting it on chicken! It belongs on elegant greens, usually called salad. Those goofy chicken folks have ruined the market for stock parts, now selling wings for as much as breast meat. Get a grip! I won't eat wings, dipped or otherwise. Hmm

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