Friday, August 19, 2011

Whole Foods Friday: Apple Pie in a Glass

Whole Foods Friday is what I'm calling my new partnership with the local Whole Foods stores in Boulder County. Whole Foods lets me shop for what I need for any recipe I want to make, and I post the results here. Whole Foods also posts my recipes on their Boulder blog. It's a fun project.

This is part 2 of today's post.

Apple Pie in a Glass

Pork and apples go well together, so I thought an apple-based beverage would be a great dessert drink.

The Whole Foods liquor store had a lot of options for me, but I decided to try an apple pie liqueur instead of an apple liqueur. It sounded interesting - with cinnamon as well as apple flavor.

Indeed, it tastes like apples and cinnamon - all it needed was a scoop of vanilla ice cream to complete the picture. That inpired me to make a creamy drink instead of something fizzy or fruity.

The concept here is similar to the Black Russian - a liqueur and a creamy component over ice. Instead of heavy cream, or even half-and-half, I used almond milk. And rather than simply mixing the two, I whizzed them in the blender with some ice to make a frothy drink.

No almond milk? Sure, you could use regular milk, heavy cream, half-and-half, soy milk or coconut milk instead. Whatever you use regularly would be fine.

1 part Travis Hasse's Apple Pie Liqueur
2 parts almond milk
Ice (as needed)

Blend the ingredients until the ice is obliterated and the drink is smooth and frothy.

If your blender is ... er, as inefficient as mine and you end up with chunks of ice in the drink, you can strain them out. I didn't bother this time, but I might next time. Or, you know, invest in a better blender.

No blender? Just serve over ice.

A little dollop of whipped cream wouldn't be a bad idea, either.