Saturday, August 6, 2011

Serious Sandwiches: Airport Eats in Boston

Over at Serious Eats, there's a daily feature called A Sandwich a Day. This is one of my submissions for that feature.

Coming home from my recent visit to King Arthur Flour, I had a rather long layover at the Boston airport, conveniently right at dinner time. I had planned on visiting Legal Seafood, but there was a place called Boston Beer Works that was ridiculously close to my gate.

Legal Seafood would have meant another trip through security, and I didn't feel like doing that again.

First, I ordered a beer. I mean, it was in the name of the place. How could I not? I hoped for a dark beer (always my favorite) but they were out. So I ended up with a blueberry beer ($6), which was amusing. There were fresh blueberries in the beer and the carbonation had them rising and falling in the glass. Like an edible, drinkable lava lamp.

The blueberries didn't add all much flavor, but it was something to look at besides the family squabble in the corner booth where mom, mom's boyfriend, and mom's teenage daughter were not having the trip of a lifetime. And yes, family dynamics were that obvious. And no, I wasn't evesdropping. They were that loud. You couldn't help but hear it.

Since I was so close to the sea, I had to order seafood. A lobster roll ($17), to be exact. Served on a New England style hot dog bun, it had large, sweet, meaty chunks of lobster meat. Perfectly cooked. I mean, if you're that close to the sea, you should be getting the cooking part right, but I had to mention it.

It had a mayo-based dressing, but it was a pretty light touch and had a slightly lemony flavor. Between bun and crustacean was lettuce leaf. Pretty simple, really. It was served with some decent cole slaw and a heap of fries.

It probably wasn't the best lobster roll to be found on the east coast, but it was a pretty satisfying dinner before boarding a plane for a long trip home.

Boston Beer Works
18 Logan Airport
East Boston, MA