Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Squash with Raspberry Sauce

You might have noticed the hashtag #DriscollsMoments on Twitter recently. It was a promotion for Driscoll's berries where people got together and made recipes that Driscoll's provided, and tweeted about it.

I joined a little party in Denver and brought along the acorn suash recipe. It was pretty simple - baked squash brushed with a little bit of honey and then served with a dizzle of raspberry sauce. The sauce was darned simple, too, but sometimes simple is all you need.

And here's the deal. I never thought about pairing raspberries and squash, but I've got to say it was a good pair. Actually, all the recipes at the event were good.

Oh, sure, if I was making them, I might have tweaked them a bit, but I do that with most recipes. These were good starting points, if you're into that sort of thing.

You can access all the recipes here, but if you want to make the raspberry sayce, it's:

Raspberry Sauce
Courtesy of Driscoll's Berries

1 6-ounce package of raspberries
3 tablespoons of brown sugar
2 tablespoons of water.

Simmer, then puree briefly, then strain to get the seeds out. I

'd suggest adding a pinch of salt as well, but it's not necessary. And that it:

Although I haven't tried it, I think the raspberry sauce added to reduced wine would be interesting.

So, what else could you do with the sauce? It would be nice on French toast or waffles, or added to a home made vinegar-and-oil dressing. It would also make a nice glaze on top of chicken or pork, or even added to a barbecue sauce or mustard.

There ya go.

Disclaimer: I got a a coupon to purchase the berries for the event, but I wasn't compensated for this post.


Barbara | Creative Culinary said...

I'm glad you could join me at my home for the Driscolls event. I actually did mix my recipe up a bit; I used lime in lieu of lemon juice for the cocktail.

I enjoyed everything and it was a fun 'laptop' cocktail party1

diabeticFoodie said...

I would never thought of pairing squash with raspberry sauce. Very creative!

Andrea @ said...

The acorn squash was good. I agree, some wine in the raspberry sauce would be a nice addition.

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