Sunday, June 3, 2012

Borscht Shooters for #Sunday Supper

I grew up eating a LOT of borscht. There are actually a few different soups known as borscht, and not all of them include beets. But when I was a kid, the only borscht I knew was my mom's beet soup.

While mom  made her soup almost the same way every time, there was one thing that varied a lot - temperature.

You see, I grew up with my own weird version of The Three Bears. My dad liked his beet soup steaming hot. My mother liked it cold, straight from the refrigerator. And I liked it juuuuuust right. For me, that meant just warm enough to be warm. But not hot.

Since then, I've made a lot of different versions of beet soup, including some that are so different my mom probably wouldn't recognize them any more. I've also come to love it at any temperature - chilled, hot, or warm. I've even turned beet soup into a salad.

This time around, I made beet shooters - little chilled shots of soup. This isn't meant to be a big appetizer, but is just a small shot ot chilled soup that whets your appetite. That's what appetizers are supposed to be, right?

The beets I bought were pink, but after they were cooked, they were a little pink and a little yellow. Dark red beets would be fine, too - the color would be different, but that's fine, too.

This is a small recipe - just enough to serve two.

Borscht Shooters

1 beet, cooked and peeled
1/4 red pepper, fire roasted
Splash of red wine vinegar
Salt, to taste
1 tablespoon sour cream

Put all the ingredients in your blender. Blend, adding just enough water to get it going, then add more water as needed, to get it to a drinkable consistency.

Serve chilled.

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