Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gadgets: GIR Spatula

When I heard about a whiz-bang new spatula that raised Kickstarter funds in the blink of any eye, I was a little skeptical. What could possibly new in spatulas? I've got a drawer full of them, and I don't hate any of them. Sure, there are some I'll grab before some others, but they all manage to do the job..

When the GIR spatula ($22.50) arrived, I looked it over and didn't see anything that made me say "wow." It's molded in one piece with nothing particularly fancy about it. It wasn't super-stiff, and it wasn't soft and mushy. One might say that it was juuuuust right.

I tossed the spatula in with the rest of its brethren and made it a point to use it as often as possible. I still was skeptical about all the hoopla, but found that I really liked using it. It felt good in my hand and it did an admirable job with stirring and scraping and getting goop off the sides of pans. Since it's silicone, it's heat resistant, and the handle doesn't get hot.

The spatula has a stiff core that doesn't extend all the way to the end of the spatula so the end is bendy. The sides are firm, though, which makes it good for scraping the sides of bowls or stirring stiff batters. The one-piece construction means that you won't end up with food goo in joints and nooks and crannies.

Overall, I like this spatula a lot. Is it worth the price? Maybe. It's a bit expensive, but it ought to last nearly forever unless you work really hard at destroying it. And it comes in 11 colors, if that's important.