Monday, December 31, 2012

My top 8 gadgets of 2012

How about a look back at some of my favorite food gadgets for 2012? Most of these were reviewed on Serious Eats in my Gadgets column, but not all of them. In no particular order:

My summertime favorite was a gadget that I was surprised that I liked:
the Stem Gem strawberry huller from Chef'n. 
It's a fast, neat way to hull strawberries, and it's inexpensive.
Works on tomatoes, too.

The Omega slow speed juicer hasn't turned me into a green juice addict, 
but this fall's tomato-sauce-making was soooo much easier thanks to this little machine. 
Fresh pineapple juice is also a favorite.

The Hamilton Beach jar opener hangs on a pegboard in my kitchen and gets used regularly. 
Yeah, laugh if you will, but I'm not the one grunting over a tight jar lid.

The Zeroll ice cream scoop is simple and does its job well. Practically indestructible. 

This cooker has been sitting on my counter top since it arrived and I've used it for everything from cheesecake to roast pork to turkey stock. Although I wasn't unhappy with my previous slow cooker, this has more features and the nonstick interior is much easier to clean.
This lime squeezer from Chef'n takes less effort and it seems to extract more juice. 
I had a similar squeezer, but like this one better.

I am fiercely in love with this new potato ricer from OXO. 
This is the third ricer I've owned, and this one is no doubt the best. 
You change the size of the holes by twisting the bottom ring, and it comes apart for cleaning. 

Too late for the 2012 reviews (but coming soon) is this food dehydrator from Excalibur.
I've used a setting on my oven to dry fruits and vegetables, but that ties up the oven for way too long.
Do you have a favorite new gadget? A favorite old one?
Is there one you hope you'll get for Christmas?